Sinner Gear Unbendable Solid Metal Dilator with Pulll-Out Ring - Metal 10.5 cm (4'') Urethral Dilator

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This beautiful dilator leads you to the climax of your dreams! It stimulates your urethra and leads to a beautifully intense orgasm. The smooth structure of the plug and the pointy top allow the dilator to slide in effortlessly. Make sure that you always use enough lubricant. A pull-out-ring is attached to the end of the dilator to ensure you have enough grip during insertion and making it easy to remove. Clean the metal after use with a toy cleaner or hot water with a mild antibacterial soap to prevent infections. - Material: Metal - Phthalate-free: Yes - Length: 14.50 cm - Insertion Depth: 10.50 cm - Minimum diameter: 0.30 cm - Maximum diameter: 0.80 cm