Colt Slick Lube - Water Based Lubricant - 380 ml (12.85 oz) Bottle

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COLT ® Slick™ Lube is a sensually gratifying water-based personal lubricant that will enhance your pleasure and make your fun more intense. Use the lube your favourite COLT stars use. COLT ® Slick™ Lube is latex compatible, and offers the ultimate in all your personal lubricant needs. Intensify your gratification in the utmost comfort with this super slippery and fantastically sensual lube. Indulge yourself and your partner. What are you waiting for? Enjoy smooth and stimulating pleasure that will help you glide into a thrilling, hot experience that can’t be beat. In fact, COLT ® Slick™ Lube is the perfect accessory for your bedroom, to send you on your way to a more exciting and sexy adventure. So, get ready, get set, and stay going longer - COLT ® Slick™ Lube gives you exactly what you need to get exactly what you want.