Scarlet Couture Behind The Back Bondage Set - Pink/Black Restraints

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Give your power play an edge with this luxuriously kinky bondage set. Strong Velcro fasteners let you securely adjust the soft brocade collar and waist strap for a perfect fit. Along your spine, three sets of rings let you attach a pair of matching cuffs at just above your waist, mid-back and upper back. Limit your submissive’s movement a little or a lot while you indulge in wild restraint fantasies and wicked hands-behind-the-back games. - Behind the back cuff harness with collar and waist strap - Wrist cuffs and fasteners “lock” hands behind the back - Three tiers of cuff rings let you increase the intensity - Collar and matching wrist cuff rings in soft brocade fabric - Comfortable nylon waist and back straps - Velcro closures keep set secure yet easy to remove - Wrist cuffs can be used independently - Waist strap fits up to 100 cm (39'') - Back strap is 50 cm (20'') from waist to collar